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Name: Celia Mcgee
Race: Dolphin-shifter
Gender: Female
Age: 16

Build: Slender
Skin: Golden tanned
Hair: Golden blond, fluffy, to midback
Eyes: Brown

Appearance: Celia's tall and slender, with a curvy, feminine build, and very pretty. She has golden-tanned skin and large, brown eyes. Her hair is honey-blond, fluffy, and reaches to the middle of her back.
Other Form: Celia turns into a dolphin. As a dolphin, she's...well, a normal bottlenose dolphin. She's able to shapeshift anytime, and enjoys swimming in dolphin form.
Personality: Kind and well-mannered, Celia has a gentle personality and is very generous as well. She's always willing to help others or share what she has, and she has lots of friends. She is quite outgoing and friendly, and not at all afraid to say what's on her mind. Overall, she has a good temper and caring manner.
Past: Celia was found abandoned as a baby and sent to the orphanage, where she's been ever since. She dreams of having a large family and tends to act like a big sister to the other orphans-even the ones who are older than her.
When two strangers came to the orphanage, Celia was one of the first to meet them and their strange, dragonlike partners, called draks by their 'knights'. After being invited to their planet to try to pair a drak herself, she, along with several other orphans, agreed, and Celia chose Wo Yao Fei Castle to be an aspirant at.

Pets: Male rukel, Auspice
From: Darkling Dawn
Bond: Female Water Huskigi
From: Wo Yao Fei Castle