Welcome to Drockh-Tallahn Castle!
Friday, February 22. '13- Got Panduri's clutch hatched, and also sent out the adults for Tijenna's clutch finally. Next clutch is Wind Areuto's, and it's another three eggs, though only two more aspirants are needed to hatch it.

Look, an update! Tijenna's clutch has hatched! Forest Panduri has laid a clutch of three eggs in the Deep Caverns, and I've put a new female up on the mating board. Trying to get things moving around here again.

The Main Entrance

The Deep Caverns


The Main Caverns

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Planet Icarus
The drak that carried you here drops you off and promptly disappears into the sunset with its rider, back to their home castle. You look around. The castle seems quite busy-Not surprising, it is still quite new, after all. After waiting for a few minutes and nobody comes to greet you, you decide to wander around on your own to explore this Drockh-Tallahn Castle.
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"Drockh-Tallahn Castle is part of Planet Icarus. Planet Icarus is an independently created fantasy world that is in no way related to any works of fiction, published or unpublished, sci-fi or otherwise. Planet Icarus is not "Fan Fiction" relating to any other fantasy world, nor is it a derivative of any other fantasy world."

The draks were drawn and colored by Shard/Almiron. The background is linked below, and all other images are my own unless stated otherwise.